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Alan Titchmarsh.
How to be a Gardener Book One: back to basics.
BBC. 2002

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a keen gardener, there are always times when it would help to have a reliable expert at your side. In How to be a Gardener, Alan Titchmarsh draws on his knowledge and passion for gardening, and his many years of experience, to give you a comprehensive guide that explores every aspect of your garden and how it works.

In this the first of two volumes, Alan starts with the basics, covering the absolute essentials that every gardener needs to know. He includes information on how plants work and what they need to survive, as well as advice on where to begin if you’re a first-time gardener. Step-by-step techniques cover everything from sowing seeds and arranging plants in a border, to laying a lawn and pruning. Alan also gives detailed advice on weeds and pests and diseases, with close-up photos to help you spot all the problems you are likely to encounter.

In setting out the basic gardening principles and explaining the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’, Alan gives the novice confidence and increases the skills and understanding of more experienced gardeners, too. With his down-to-earth approach and ability to keep things simple, Alan will guide you every step of the way to becoming a successful gardener.

Alan Titchmarsh.
How to be a Gardener Book Two: secrets of success.
BBC. 2003

Alan Titchmarsh’s How to be a Gardener Book One was the fastest-selling gardening book ever and showed that there was a real thirst for practical, down-to-earth information about gardening. Now, having set out the basic principles in Book One, Alan is back with this second volume that reveals the secrets of creating a successful garden.

Alan’s love of gardening and years of experience designing gardens come to the fore as he demonstrates how to create a garden to be proud of. Covering both design and plants, the chapters include boundaries and climbers, patios and containers, borders and perennials, water and wildlife gardens and even how to carry on gardening through the winter in conservatories and greenhouses. Each chapter includes practical advice on design and planning, step-by-step projects to re-vamp your garden, and a host of Alan’s favourite plants to guide you in your selection.

With its perfect balance of practical advice and inspirational ideas, How to be a Gardener Book Two gets to the very heart of gardening and, together with How to be a Gardener Book One, provides a complete reference manual for any garden owner.