Books : reviews

John E. Stith.
Ace. 1984

John E. Stith.
Memory Blank.
Ace. 1986

John E. Stith.
Death Tolls.
Ace. 1987

Dan Kettering watched his brother die on network TV. He saw the aircraft crash into the windy terraformed Martian plains.

And now a cop is telling Dan that it was no accident. Not an act of God. Not a technical failure or an error in human judgment. But a deliberate murder And the prime suspect is the network that covered the disaster.

The police are about to make Dan an offer he can’t refuse: go undercover to find out if the station was responsible. Once again Dan’s going to play reporter. And if he’s not careful he may end up on the evening news—because in television, ratings are a matter of life… or death.

John E. Stith.
Deep Quarry.
Ace. 1989

John E. Stith.
Redshift Rendezvous.
Wildside Press. 1990