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Joan Slonczewski.
The Wall Around Eden.
Avon. 1989

Joan Slonczewski.
The Highest Frontier.
Tor. 2011

In the twenty-second century, Jennifer Kennedy, the shy and tongue-tied counterpoint to her charismatic brother, Jordi, is left stunned when Jordi drowns in a flood brought on by advanced climate change. Bereft and fearful, Jenny departs Earth to enter her freshman year at Frontera College, based in the world’s first permanent and self-sustaining space habitat.

In a future when the deadly microbes that caused AIDS and anthrax have been modified to power elevators and cure disease, Jenny just wants to study and play slanball in peace. But as the endless war on the ultraphyte, an invasive alien organism, rages on, Jenny begins to notice that things aren’t quite right—not with her socially disabled roommate, nor at the college, nor in American politics. An accidental discovery reveals that “ultra” has infiltrated to shocking levels of society. Reluctant as she is to enter the spotlight, Jenny must step up to save her school, her country, and the world.

Joan Slonczewski.
A Door Into Ocean.
Avon. 1986

Joan Slonczewski.
Daughter of Elysium.
Avon. 1993

Joan Slonczewski.
Brain Plague.
Tor. 2000