Short works

Books : reviews

Jessica Amanda Salmonson.
A Silver Thread of Madness.
Ace. 1976


The Harmonious Battle. 1983
Lincoy's Journey. 1981
The Romance of Tcheska and Provetsko. 1984
Stomping Grounds of the Gods. 1976
Eagle-Worm. 1980
A Child of Earth and Hell. 1982
Three Dirty Men. 1989
Seller of Stones. 1989
Threats. 1989
Nights in the City. 1989
The Old Woman Who Dragged Her Husband's Corpse. 1989
Atrocities. 1989
Body Rot. 1989
Remembering Allan. 1989
Parenting. 1989
Tycoon and Lady Death. 1989
The Womb and the Grave. 1989
Meditations and Confessions Regarding My Disturbing Ability. 1989
Samurai Fugue. 1989
Time-Slit Through a Rice Paper Window. 1984
Story of a Castle Page. 1989

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.


Our Amazon Heritage. 1979
C. J. Cherryh. The Dreamstone. 1979
Janrae Frank. Wolves of Nakesht. 1979
T. J. Morgan. Woman of the White Waste. 1979
Emily Bronte, Joanna Russ. The Death of Augusta. 1928
Janet Fox. Morrien's Bitch. 1979
Charles R. Saunders. Agbewe's Sword. 1979
Josephine Saxton. Jane Saint's Travails (Part One). 1979
Margaret St Clair. The Sorrows of Witches. 1979
Andre Norton. Falcon Blood. 1979
Michele Belling. The Rape Patrol. 1979
Megan Lindholm. Bones for Dulath. 1979
Tanith Lee. Northern Chess. 1979
Elizabeth A. Lynn. The Woman Who Loved the Moon. 1979

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.
Amazons II.


Art, History and Amazons. 1982
F. M. Busby. For a Daughter. 1982
Gillian Fitzgerald. The Battle Crow's Daughter. 1982
Tanith Lee. Southern Lights. 1982
Gordon Derevanchuk. Zroya's Trizub. 1982
Phyllis Ann Karr. The Robber Girl. 1982
Gael Baudino. Lady of the Forest End. 1982
Eleanor Arnason. The Ivory Comb. 1982
Lillian Stewart Carl. The Borders of Sabazel. 1982
Ardath Mayhar. Who Courts a Reluctant Maiden. 1982
Lee Killough. The Soul Slayer. 1982
Jo Clayton. Nightwork. 1982
George R. R. Martin. In the Lost Lands. 1982