Books : reviews

Harvey Abramson, M. H. Rogers, eds.
Meta-Programming in Logic Programming.
MIT Press. 1989

(read but not reviewed)


Lynette Hirschman. A meta-rule treatment for English Wh-constructions. 1989
P. M. Hill, J. W. Lloyd. Analysis of meta-programs. 1989
Howard A. Blair. Metalogic programming and direct universal computability. 1989
V. S. Subramanian. A simple formulation of the theory of metalogic programming. 1989
Frank van Harmelen. A classification of meta-level architechures. 1989
Fausto Giunchiglia, Alan Smaill. Reflection in constructive and non-constructive automated reasoning. 1989
Veronica Dahl, Pierre Massicotte. Processing techniques for discontinuous grammars. 1989
Seiki Akama, Akira Ishikawa. Semantically constrained parsing and logic programming. 1989
Albert Bruffaerts, Eric Henin. Negation as Failure: proofs, inference rules and meta-interpreters. 1989
L. Umit Yalcinalp, Leon S. Sterling. An integrated inteerpreter for explaiing Prolog's Successes and failures. 1989
Andrew Bowles, Paul Wilk. Tracing requirements for multi-layered meta-programming. 1989
Danny De Schreye, Maurice Bruynooghe. The compilation of forward checking regimes through meta-interpretation and transformation. 1989
Michael Codish, John Gallagher, Ehud Shapiro. Using safe approximations of fixed points for analysis of logic programs. 1989
Thom W. Fruhwirth. Type inference by program transformation and partial evaluation. 1989
Mantis H. M. Cheng, Maarten H. van Emden, Paul A. Strooper. Complete sets of frontiers in logic-based program transformation. 1989
David Chan, Mark Wallace. A treatment of negation during partial evaluation. 1989
Stephen Owen. Issues in the partial evaluation of meta-interpreters. 1989
Brian J. Ross. The partial evaluation of imperative programs using Prolog. 1989
Paul Tarau, Michel Boyer. Prolog meta-programming with soft databases. 1989
Jona Barklund. What is a meta-variable in Prolog?. 1989
Marco Cavalieri, Evelina Lamma, Paola Mello, Antonio Natali. Meta-programming in Prolog through direct introspection: a comparison with meta-interpretation techniques. 1989
Ilyas Cicekli. Design and implementation of an abstract MetaProlog engine for MetaProlog. 1989
J. Staples, P. J. Robinson, R. A. Paterson, R. A. Hagen, A. J. Craddock, P. C. Wallis. Qu-Prolog: an extended Prolog for meta level programming. 1989
John Hannan, Dale Miller. A meta-logic for functional programming. 1989
Yue Jun Jiang, Nader Azarmi. Meta logic programming for epistemic notions. 1989
Wlodek Drabent, Simin Nadjm-Tehrani, Jan Maluszynski. Algorithmic debugging with assertions. 1989
Paul J. Voda. The logical reconstruction of cuts as one solution operators. 1989
Francesca Rossi, Ugo Montanari. Hypergraph grammars and networks of constraints versus logic programming and metaprogramming. 1989