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Books : reviews

Didier Bert, Jonathan P. Bowen, Martin C. Henson, Ken Robinson, eds.
ZB 2002: Formal Specification and Development in Z and B: Second International Conference of B and Z Users, Grenoble.
Springer. 2002

(read but not reviewed)


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Dominique Cansell, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Mike Jones, Dominique Mery, Airy Weinzoepflen. Incremental Proof of the Producer/Consumer Property for the PCI Protocol. 2002
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Neil J. Robinson. Checking Z Data Refinements Using an Animation Tool. 2002
Graeme Smith, Florian Kammuller, Thomas Santen. Encoding Object-Z in Isabelle/HOL. 2002
Ian Toyn, Susan Stepney. Characters + Mark-up = Z Lexis. 2002
full paper
Marielle Doche, Andrew M. Gravell. Extraction of Abstraction Invariants for Data Refinement. 2002
Leonid Mikhailov, Michael J. Butler. An Approach to Combining B and Alloy. 2002
Ralph-Johan Back. Software Construction by Stepwise Feature Introduction. 2002
Jim Woodcock, Ana L. C. Cavalcanti. The Semantics of Circus. 2002
Ralph Miarka, John Derrick, Eerke A. Boiten. Handling Inconsistencies in Z Using Quasi-Classical Logic. 2002
Eerke A. Boiten. Loose Specification and Refinement in Z. 2002
Jean-Raymond Abrial, Louis Mussat. On Using Conditional Definitions in Formal Theories. 2002
Steve Dunne. A Theory of Generalised Substitutions. 2002
Sergiy A. Vilkomir, Jonathan P. Bowen. Reinforced Condition/Decision Coverage (RC/DC): A New Criterion for Software Testing. 2002
Bruno Legeard, Fabien Peureux, Mark Utting. A Comparison of the BTT and TTF Test-Generation Methods. 2002
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Jean-Raymond Abrial, Dominique Cansell, Guy Laffitte. "Higher-Order" Mathematics in B. 2002
Pierre Chartier. ABS Project: Merging the Best Practices in Software Design from Railway and Aircraft Industries. 2002
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Soon-Kyeong Kim, David Carrington. A Formal Model of the UML Metamodel: The UML State Machine and Its Integrity Constraints. 2002
Regine Laleau, Fiona Polack. Coming and Going from UML to B: A Proposal to Support Traceability in Rigorous IS Development. 2002