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Fethi A. Rabhi, Sergei Gorlatch.
Patterns and Skeletons for Parallel and Distributed Computing.
Springer. 2003

Patterns and Skeletons for Parallel and Distributed Computing is a unique survey of research work in high-level parallel and distributed computing over the past ten years. Comprising contributions from the leading researchers in Europe and the US, it looks at interaction patterns and their role in parallel and distributed processing, and demonstrates for the first time the link between skeletons and design patterns. It focuses on computation and communication structures that are beyond simple message-passing or remote procedure calling, and also on pragmatic approaches that lead to practical design and programming methodologies with their associated compilers and tools.

The book is divided into two parts which cover:

  • skeletons-related material such as expressing and composing skeletons, formal transformation, cost modelling and languages, compilers and run-time systems for skeleton-based programming
  • design patterns and other related concepts, applied to other areas such as real-time, embedded and distributed systems