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Helen Sharp, Yvonne Rogers, Jenny Preece.
Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction: 2nd edn.
Wiley. 2007

There has never been a greater need for interaction designers and usability engineers to develop current and next-generation interactive technologies. To be successful they will need a mixed set of skills drawn from psychology, human-computer interaction, web design, computer science, information systems and entertainment.

Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction, 2nd edition covers a wide range of issues, topics, and paradigms that go beyond the traditional scope of human-computer interaction (HCI). Using state-of-the-art examples, it covers pychological and social aspects of users, interaction styles, user requirements, design approaches, usability and evaluation, traditional and future interface paradigms, and the role of theory in informing design. Topics are grounded in the design process and presented in an integrated and coherent way. The book focuses on how to design interactive products that enhance and extend the way people communicate, interact and work.