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Andrew Adamatzky, Ramon Alonso-Sanz, Anna Lawniczak, Genaro Juarez Martinez, Kenichi Morita, Thomas Worsch.
Automata 2008.
Luniver Press. 2008

(read but not reviewed)

Andrew Adamatzky, Genaro Juarez Martinez.
Designing Beauty: the art of cellular automata.
Springer. 2016

(read but not reviewed)

This fascinating, colourful book offers in-depth insights and first-hand working experiences in the production of art works, using simple computational models with rich morphological behaviour, at the edge of mathematics, computer science, physics and biology. It organically combines ground breaking scientific discoveries in the theory of computation and complex systems with artistic representations of the research results. In this appealing book mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists, and engineers brought together marvelous and esoteric patterns generated by cellular automata, which are arrays of simple machines with complex behavior. Configurations produced by cellular automata uncover mechanics of dynamic patterns formation, their propagation and interaction in natural systems: heart pacemaker, bacterial membrane proteins, chemical rectors, water permeation in soil, compressed gas, cell division, population dynamics, reaction-diffusion media and self-organisation.