Short works

Books : reviews

Ervin Laszlo, ed.
The Relevance of General Systems Theory: papers presented to Ludwig von Bertalanffy on his seventieth birthday.
George Braziller. 1972


The origins of General Systems Theory in the work of von Bertalanffy. 1972
Anatol Rapoport. The search for simplicity. 1972
Howard H. Pattee. The evolution of self-simplifying systems. 1972
Robert Rosen. Some systems theoretical problems in biology. 1972
Ekkehard Zerbst. The impact of von Bertalanffy on physiology. 1972
Kenneth E. Boulding. Economics and General Systems. 1972
Lee Thayer. Communication systems. 1972
William Gray. Bertalanffian principles as a basis for humanistic psychiatry. 1972
Nicholas D. Rizzo. The significance of von Bertalanffy for psychology. 1972
Lionel J. Livesey Jr. Noetic planning: the need to know, but what?. 1972
Jere W. Clark. The general ecology of knowledge in curriculums of the future. 1972

Ervin Laszlo.
The Systems View of the World: a holistic vision for our time.
Hampton Press. 1996