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Ediho Lokanga.
Digital Physics: the universe is a programmed system.
self published. 2017

In Digital Physics: The Universe Is a Programmed System, Dr. Ediho Lokanga presents an original and compelling approach to reality in which he argues that our universe is a programmed information system. A blend of physics and computer science, this presentation shows how a programmed universe emerges in a natural way. Dr. Lokanga goes step-by-step through syntheses of different fields, empirical evidence, and general lines of reasoning to reveal a new way of understanding our universe in an entirely new light.

Dr. Lokanga argues that all living organisms, from humans and other animals to plants and bacteria are biocomputers: programmed systems of their own. They are embedded with physical hardware and invisible software. Each living organism is run on a biological program, or bioprogram. When using the programmed model of the organism, a cell in each living thing may be considered a biochip or biosoftware, and atoms register bits of information. For instance, Dr. Lokanga argues that when two atoms collide, each registers information that is then transformed and processed. Each atomic collision performs computation, which hints at the possible existence of an atomic program.

All physical objects are a combination of the basic chemical elements, which have been programmed to behave or produce certain substances when they combine. During physical, chemical, or biological processes, the outcome of any reaction is known in advance; Dr. Lokanga argues that during these reactions, the components, elements, or systems that are interacting “know” the results of what they should produce under different or specific conditions.

It is clear that the laws, properties, and outcomes that take place within diverse environments are fixed in advance; nothing operates by chance or in an arbitrary manner. Evidence seems to indicate the existence of a highly computerized setup. with all the rules and laws that this situation implies. This has led Dr. Lokanga to suggest that the universe is indeed a programmed information system.