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Books : reviews

John Vlissides, James O. Coplien, Norman L. Kerth, eds.
Pattern Languages of Program Design 2.
Addison Wesley. 1996

The patterns presented are grouped into: • General-Purpose Patterns • Special-Purpose Patterns • Architectural Patterns • Process and Organization • Exposition • Concurrent Programming/Distributed Systems • Reactive Systems


Tom Cargill. Localized ownership: managing dynamic objects in C++. 1996
Ken Auer, Kent Beck. Lazy optimization: patterns for efficient Smalltalk programming. 1996
Bobby Woolf. Partitioning Smalltalk code in ENVY/Developer components. 1996
Peter Sommerlad. Command Processor. 1996
Jung J. Kim, Kevin M. Benner. Implementation patterns for the Observer pattern. 1996
Dirk Riehle. Patterns for encapsulating class trees. 1996
Hans Rohnert. The Proxy design pattern revisited. 1996
Alexander S. Ran. MOODS: Models for Object-Oriented Design of State. 1996
Jim Doble. Shopper. 1996
Aamond Sane, Roy Campbell. Detachable Inspector/Removable cout: a structural pattern for designing transparent layered services. 1996
Gustavo Rossi, Alejandra Garrido, Sergio Carvalho. Design patterns for object-oriented hypermedia applications. 1996
Stephen P. Berczuk. Organizational Multiplexing: patterns for processing satellite telemetry with distributed teams. 1996
Satish Subramanian, Wei-Tek Tsai. Backup pattern: designing redundancy in object-oriented software. 1996
Kyle Brown, Bruce G. Whitenack. Crossing Chasms: a pattern language for Object-RDBMS. 1996
Ralph E. Johnson. Transactions and Accounts. 1996
Mary Shaw. Some patterns for software architectures. 1996
Frank Buschmann. Reflection. 1996
Brian Foote, Joseph Yoder. Evolution, Architecture, and Metamorphosis. 1996
Alistair Cockburn. Prioritizing forces in software design. 1996
Allen Hopley. Decision deferral and capture pattern language. 1996
Neil B. Harrison. Organizational patterns for teams. 1996
Martin Fowler. Accountability and organizational structures. 1996
Ward Cunningham. EPISODES: a pattern language of competitive development. 1996
Dana L. G. Anthony. Patterns for classroom education. 1996
Todd A. Coram. Demo Prep: a pattern language for the preparation of software demonstrations. 1996
Robert Orenstein. A pattern language for an essay-based web site. 1996
Douglas C. Schmidt, Charles D. Cranor. Half-Sync/Half-Async: an architectural pattern for efficient and well-structured concurrent I/O. 1996
Aamond Sane, Roy Campbell. Resource Exchanger: a behavioral pattern for low-overhead concurrent resource management. 1996
Peter Sommerlad, Michael Stal. The Client-Dispatch-Server design pattern. 1996
R. Greg Lavender, Douglas C. Schmidt. Active Object: an object behavioral pattern for concurrent programming. 1996
Paul E. McKenney. Selecting locking designs for parallel programs. 1996
Amund Aarsten, Giuseppe Menga, Luca Mosconi. Object-oriented design patterns in reactive systems. 1996
Michael (2) Adams, James O. Coplien, Robert Gamoke, Robert Hanmer, Fred Keeve, Keith Nicodemus. Fault-tolerant telecommunication system patterns. 1996
William C. Wake, B. Douglas Wake, Edward A. Fox. Improving responsiveness in interactive applications using queues. 1996
Gerard Meszaros. A pattern language for improving the capacity of reactive systems. 1996