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Jon Lazar.
Arduino and Lego Projects.
Apress. 2013

Arduino and LEGO Projects shows you how to combine two of the most popular building tools to make fun and interesting gadgets, including a crystal ball RF reader, a sensor-enabled LEGO box, and even an Anduino-controlled LEGO train set.

You’ll team core techniques for using an Arduino, starting from the most basic of programs, making an LED blink, to a more complex one using Arduino shields. You’ll also discover the basic LEGO principle of building strong by using a solid base and alternating the bricks to create walls that can support your design. With the help of detailed explanations and images, you’ll see how everything fits together and how you can give your project different levels of activity and interactivity.

Inside Arduino and LEGO Projects, you’ll find out how to do the following:

  • Emulate a round shape or dome with LEGO bricks
  • Incorporate sensors into your LEGO projects
  • Use Arduino to control motors in LEGO projects
  • Make a LEGO rabbit into a Twitter Pet
  • Create your own crystal ball RF reader
  • Build an Arduino-controlled LEGO TARDIS

Whether you want to impress your friends, annoy the cat, or just kick back and bask in the awesomeness of your creations, Arduino and LEGO Projects shows you just what you need and how to put it all together. It gives you the core knowledge and skills that, expanded by your creativity, will help you to create the coolest gadgets on the planet.