Books : reviews

Richard Fortey.
Fossils: the key to the past: 2nd edn.
Natural History Museum. 1991

Richard Fortey.
The Hidden Landscape: a journey into the geological past.
Jonathan Cape. 1993

Richard Fortey.
Life: An Unauthorised Biography.
HarperCollins. 1997

Richard Fortey.
Trilobite!: eyewitness to evolution.
HarperCollins. 2000

Richard Fortey.
The Earth: an intimate history.
Harper Perennial. 2004

Richard Fortey.
Dry Store Room No.1: the secret life of the Natural History Museum.
Harper Perennial. 2008

Richard Fortey.
Survivors: the animals and plants that time has left behind.
Harper. 2011

Richard Fortey.
The Wood for the Trees: the long view of nature from a small wood.
William Collins. 2016

Guided by his abiding love of nature and a lifetime of scientific expertise, Richard Fortey takes us on a journey through ecosystems and time. The Wood for the Trees is the story of humankind meeting nature, an homage to the mesmerising interactions between flora, fauna and fungi.

Discover the lives of animals and plants; the passage of the seasons; visits by fellow enthusiasts; the play of light between branches; the influence of geology; and how woodland has shaped history, architecture and industry. On every page Fortey shows how an intimate study of one small wood can reveal so much about the natural world, and demonstrates his relish for the incomparable pleasures of discovery.