Books : reviews

J. D. "Illiad" Frazer.
User Friendly.
O'Reilly. 1999

rating : 2 : great stuff
review : 28 December 1999

A book of the famous cartoons -- so you don't need to wait until your net connection downloads today's cartoon -- and you don't need to wait until tomorrow.

Tech Support and the Dust Puppy fight ignorant customers, Evil Operating Systems, and the Crud Puppy. More upbeat than Dilbert, and laced with great techno-nerd and SFnal humour and references (especially the Star Wars finale). A must read.

J. D. "Illiad" Frazer.
Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell: aUser Friendly guide to world domination.
O'Reilly. 2000

rating : 2 : great stuff
review : 13 May 2000

More wonderful surreal days in the lives of geeks versus Marketing, Clueless Users, games, and evil operating systems. There's a great Lord of the Rings riff, as the Dust Puppy dreams he must take the One True Ping to Mount Doom -- what's a Nazgul like you doing in a place like this?. And AJ finally manages to talk to Miranda face to face, rather than using a chat link.

You probably need a good score on the hacker test to appreciate some of the more computer-specific jokes. Sometimes the humour builds up slowly over a number of strips, sometimes a single strip can be hilarious in isolation. Whatever, this is really funny.

J. D. "Illiad" Frazer.
The Root of All Evil.
O'Reilly. 2001

rating : 2 : great stuff
review : 17 December 2001

More wonderful stuff from our favourite ISP. Stef is still useless at Quake. AJ picks the worst possible day to put his feelings in an email to Miranda. Sid gets hired, and clashes with Pitr. Miranda gets promoted and takes the guys camping. And so on. You just have to be there.

J. D. "Illiad" Frazer.
Even Grues Get Full: the fourth User Friendly collection.
O'Reilly. 2003

rating : 2 : great stuff
review : 8 November 2003

The fourth great collection of User Friendly cartoons. Acid comments on the industry. The introduction of Sid, his daughter Pearl -- she's named after a scripting language -- and Cthulhu. Geeks in a missile silo. And a particularly poignant September 11th set.