Books : reviews

Fritjof Capra.
The Tao of Physics.
Fontana. 1975

Since its first publication, THE TAO OF PHYSICS has become a cult book. Fritjof Capra’s stunning exploration of the parallels between atomic and subatomic physics and Eastern mysticism is now an international bestseller.

Capra himself is an outstanding scientist, and also a student of T’ai Chi, and his authoritative grasp of both traditions has enabled him to produce this extraordinary synthesis.

Fritjof Capra.
The Web of Life: a new synthesis of mind and matter.
Flamingo. 1996

Fritjof Capra is at the forefront of the revolution in modern science which has challenged a conventional mechanistic view of the world based on the thinking of Descartes and Newton and brought us towards a holistic, ecological view.

Here, Capra offers a brilliant, radical synthesis of such recent scientific breakthroughs as the theory of complexity, Gaia theory, chaos theory and other explanations of the properties of organisms, social systems and ecosystems. His findings – based on ten years of research and discussion with scientists from around the world – provide an extraordinary new foundation for ecological policies that will allow us to build and sustain communities without diminishing opportunities for future generations, and come closer than ever before to answering the question, ‘What is life?’