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Phillipa Bornikova.
Thie Case is Gonna Kill Me.
Tor. 2012

Fresh out of law school, Linnet Ellery has landed a hot job at a competitive and powerful New York White-Fang law firm, where the partners are all vampires and the office politics will suck you dry.

As the new girl, Linnet is assigned to a decades-old case involving a high-profile, werewolf-run security company whose ownership is in doubt. When the company’s founder died, his will vanished, leaving his human family and his werewolf progeny squabbling fruitlessly over his legacy.

But is this just a case of muddled inheritance or are there darker forces at work? When her boss is murdered, Linnet realizes that she’s going to need all her wits—and a strong dose of her usual uncommonly good luck—to find out what’s really going on before she becomes the next target…