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Lloyd Biggle Jr.
The Angry Espers.
Hale. 1961

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
The Fury Out of Time.
Sphere. 1965

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
The Silent Sky (== The Rule of the Door) .
Belmont Tower Books. 1967


The Rule of the Door. 1958
Petty Larceny. 1958
On the Dotted Line. 1957
Judgement Day. 1958
Secret Weapon. == Bridle Shower. 1958
The Perfect Punishment. == Pariah Planet. 1965
A Slight Case of Limbo. 1963
D.F.C.. == Cronus of the D.F.C. == Department of Future Crime. 1957
Wings of Song. 1963

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
The Light that Never Was.
New English Library. 1972

(read but not reviewed)

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
The Metallic Muse.
DAW. 1972


The Tunesmith. 1957
Leading Man. 1957
Spare the Rod. 1958
Orphan of the Void. == The Man Who Wasn't Home. 1960
Well of the Deep Wish. 1961
In His Own Image. 1968
The Botticelli Horror. 1960

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
New English Library. 1974

rating : 3.5 : worth reading

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
A Galaxy of Strangers.
Wildside Press. 1976

Eight of Biggle’s best science fiction stones, written over the course of three decades, all of which explore chillingly possible futures.

Here are worlds where entertainment has replaced education, TV has replaced personal interaction, and censorship endangers the lives of those it claims to protect; totally unmanageable cities; as well as interesting twists on insurance, professional sports, state lotteries, unemployment, and crime and punishment.


And Madly Teach. 1966
The Double-Edged Rope. 1967
Eye for an Eye. 1974
First Love. 1959
Who's on First?. 1958
Round Trip to Esidarap. 1960
No Biz Like Show Biz. 1974
What Hath God Wrought!. 1974

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
The Chronocide Mission.
Wildside Press. 2002

rating : 4 : passes the time
review : 18 February 2007

Vladislav Kuznetsov, a somewhat luckless engineering student from Ohio, is suddenly snatched from his campus to a strange other world. He gradually discovers that he has travelled forwards in time hundreds of years, to a brutal, post apocalyptic world, dominated by the power of the fearsome Honsun lens. His engineering skills make him valuable, but when he discovers that his work has allowed his ruler to wage savage warfare on the surrounding states, he is horrified, and is determined to save this world by destroying the inventor of the lens. But can he, in an ill-equipped low-tech future, find the right target in the past, before war overwhelms them all?

This is as fully detailed future world, with the masses kept in thrall by a particularly nasty application of the last remaining piece of technology -- a Maguffin that also powers the weapons, and the time machine. After a slightly slow start, it rattles along, with multiple third-person viewpoints, with a great impending sense of doom in the future world. The prose, however, has a peculiarly old-fashioned and rather passionless feel; I was initially suspicious that this was an early previously unpublished work, only published in the year of the author's death. But I can find no evidence of this -- and other web-reviewers seem to imply that it is indeed contemporary. (True, at one point it mentions "credit cards", but that could have been a fix-up, and there is nothing else in the modern-day scenes to help place it in time.) The Biggle themes of ordinary decent people fighting to overcome tyranny are well in place.

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets.
Sphere. 1968

rating : 3 : worth reading

"Democracy imposed from without is the severest form of tyranny" runs the motto of the Interplanetery Relations Bureau, who's mission it is to bring democracy to all the worlds of the galaxy. So there secret agents work from within to bring about change. But on Kurr revolt is all but impossible. So Officer Forzon invokes the "Rule of One": one technological change per world. But making only the one change isn't as easy as it sounds.

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
The World Menders.
Arrow. 1971

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
All the Colours of Darkness.
Dobson. 1963

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
Watchers of the Dark.
Panther. 1966

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
This Darkening Universe.
Millington. 1976

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
Silence is Deadly.
Millington. 1977

Lloyd Biggle Jr.
The Whirligig of Time.
Wildside Press. 1979