Short works

Books : reviews

Hilary Bailey, Charles Platt, eds.
New Worlds 7.


Michael Moorcock. Pale Roses.
Mac King. Wind-Dream.
Mac King. My Wreck.
Barrington J. Bayley. Maladjustment.
John Sladek. The Kindly Ones.
Gerard E. Giannattasio. G.I. Sparrow.
Bertil Martensson. A Modest Proposal.
Ronald Anthony Cross. The Jewel Thief.
Eleanor Arnason. The Warlord of Saturn's Moons.
Brian W. Aldiss. The Secret of Holman Hunt and the Crude Death Rate.
Gwyneth Cravens. Miss Subways.
Ruth Berman. Lakewood Cemetery.
M. John Harrison. 'The Wolf That Follows'.
Jean Charlotte. Red Sky at Night.
Bruce Boston. Break.
Rona Spalten. Liberation.
aa Attanasio. Once More, the Dream.
Alfonso Tafoya. Birds of Prey.
Alfonso Tafoya. My Mistress.
Alfonso Tafoya. A Pastoral.
James Sallis. Insect Men of Boston.
Jeremy Gilchrist. The Thalidomide Kid.
Harvey Jacobs. The Man Who Made a Baby.
John Clute. Birdseed for Our Feathered Fans.
M. John Harrison. Absorbing the Miraculous.
Rick Gellman. The Return of the Mandarin.
Ian Watson. The Ghosts of Luna.