Short works

Books : reviews

Robert Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, eds.
The Face of Chaos.


Janet Morris. High Moon. 1983
C. J. Cherryh. Necromant. 1983
Robert Lynn Asprin. The Art of Alliance. 1983
Lynn Abbey. The Corners of Memory. 1983
David Drake. Votary. 1983
Diana L. Paxson. Mirror Image. 1983

Robert Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, eds.
Wings of Omen.


Diane Duane. The Hand That Feeds You. 1984
Andrew J. Offutt. Rebels Aren't Born in Palaces. 1984
Robin Wayne Bailey. Daughter of the Sun. 1984
Diana L. Paxson. A Breath of Power. 1984
Robert Lynn Asprin. A Fish With Feathers Is Out of Its Depth. 1984
Chris Morris, Janet Morris. What Women Do Best. 1984
C. J. Cherryh. Witching Hour. 1984
Lynn Abbey. Gyskouras. 1984

Robert Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, eds.
The Dead of Winter.


Janet Morris. Hell to Pay. 1985
Andrew J. Offutt. The Veiled Lady, or A Look at the Normal Folk. 1985
Lynn Abbey. The God-Chosen. 1985
Robin Wayne Bailey. Keeping Promises. 1985
C. J. Cherryh. Armies of the Night. 1985
Diane Duane. Down by the Riverside. 1985
Robert Lynn Asprin. When the Spirit Moves You. 1985
Diana L. Paxson. The Color of Magic. 1985

Robert Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, eds.
Soul of the City.


Lynn Abbey. The Small Powers That Endure. 1986
Lynn Abbey. Children of All Ages. 1986
Janet Morris. Power Play. 1986
C. J. Cherryh. Dagger in the Mind. 1986
C. J. Cherryh. Death in the Meadow. 1986
Janet Morris. Pillar of Fire. 1986

Robert Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, eds.
Blood Ties.


Diana L. Paxson. Lady of Fire. 1986
Janet Morris, Chris Morris. Sanctuary Is for Lovers. 1986
Robin Wayne Bailey. Lovers Who Slay Together. 1986
C. J. Cherryh. In the Still of the Night. 1986
Robert Lynn Asprin. No Glad in Gladiator. 1986
Diane Duane. The Tie That Binds. 1986
Lynn Abbey. Sanctuary Nocturne. 1986
Andrew J. Offutt, Jodie Offutt. Spellmaster. 1986

Robert Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, eds.
Titan. 1987


Mark C. Perry. Cade. 1987
Janet Morris. Wake of the Riddler. 1987
David Drake. Inheritor. 1987
John Brunner. Mercy Worse Than None. 1987
Lynn Abbey. Seeing Is Believing (But Love Is Blind). 1987
Andrew J. Offutt. Homecoming. 1984