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Daniel Abraham.
Shadow and Betrayal (== A Shadow in Summer / A Betrayal in Winter) .
Orbit. 2007

The city state of Saraykeht dominates the Summer Cities. Its wealth is beyond measure, its port a hub for all the merchants of the world, and its ruler commands forces to rival the gods. At the heart of the city’s influence are the poet-sorcerer, Heshai, and his andat – the captive spirit, Seedless, whom he controls.

There are those in the world, however, who envy such wealth, and only the threat of the andat unleashed holds the enemies of the Summer Cities in check. But there is more to conquest than siege engines and armies ...

Conflict is brewing in the world. Alliances will be broken and friends betrayed. The lowly will be raised up, the mighty will fall and innocents will be slaughtered. And two men, bound to each other by an act of kindness and an act of brutality, may be all that stands between the civilised world and war.

War and something worse.