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Ron Jeffries, Ann Anderson, Chet Hendrickson.
Extreme Programming Installed.
Addison Wesley. 2001

rating : 3 : worth reading
review : 29 March 2001

Kent Beck started off with Extreme Programming Explained, a way of rapidly developing high quality software that meets the users needs. Then he and Martin Fowler followed up with Planning Extreme Programming. Now, three of Beck's colleagues distill their own experience of working on XP projects. They cover most of the important points -- estimating, pair programming, courage, and so on -- and show how it works in practice. The parts that gave me the most value for me are the actual case studies of the "Test First" philosophy, showing what actual tests are developed (before the code they are to test is written, of course!), and giving good examples of how "programming by intention" produces cleaner code.

Yet another very good book in theXP series.