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Ann Aguirre.
Ace. 2008

rating : 4.5 : passes the time
review : 1 January 2010

Sirantha Jax is one of the few elite jumpers who can guide a starship through grimspace, before they burn out. But she is disgraced, accused of causing the crash of a space liner. But she has no memory of the event, and the Corps Pysch team interrogations seem more likely to drive her mad than recover her memory. So when a stranger breaks into her hospital cell and offers her a route out, she takes it. But that is just the beginning of a roller-coaster ride across the starlanes, each jump bringing her closer to burnout, a bounty placed on her head by a desperate Corps who want only to hide the truth.

This is fun non-stop roller coaster action, as Jax jumps constantly from frying pan to fire, fighting her own inner demons along the way. The background universe is interesting, but I found the romance elements too heavy-handed (why when most other characters have sensible adult relationships, do these kind of characters have to have a Darkly Handsome Glowering Psionic One True Love?), and the ending is too rushed and convenient.