Paul S. Andrews, Fiona A. C. Polack, Adam T. Sampson, Susan Stepney, Jon Timmis.
The CoSMoS Process, version 0.1: A Process for the Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems .

Technical Report YCS-2010-453, University of York. March 2010.


The CoSMoS project aims to build capacity in generic modelling tools and simulation techniques for complex systems, to support the modelling and analysis of complex systems, and to help design and validate complex systems.

This report summarises the achievements of the project to date (March 2010) in developing a generic process for complex system simulation, providing guidelines and techniques that enable the construction and exploration of simulations for the purpose of scientific research. The CoSMoS process is necessarily an interdisciplinary endeavour between scientists who study a particular domain, and engineers/developers who construct simulations to enable the study of that domain. Together, both the scientists and engineers are involved in open-ended scientific research; the simulations are used as a tool to elaborate and explore science in a wider context.

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