Suresh Manandhar's Home Page


I am generally interested in a wide range of topics related to natural language processing. These span grammar formalisms, constraint logics, constraint solving, machine learning, learning of lexical relations, question answering systems, minimally supervised learning of syntax, semantics and morphology.

If you are interested in a PhD programme in one of the above topics then please email me. Please note that full funding for non-EU students is extremely difficult to get. Non-EU students will require both the ORS (Overseas Research Scheme) scholarship and a university funding to be fully funded. Check the university finance section for details.

Current projects

Ubiquitous Digital Assistant DTI Nextwave Project part of the AMADEUS Centre portfolio of projects at York.

Intelligent Tutoring System DTI TCS Project

Recently we have completed the following project:

Stochastic Constraint Programming (EPSRC funded) jointly with Toby Walsh

Other Activities

Together with Patrick Olivier I founded Lexicle which built the first commercial embodied conversational agent (ECA) system.

I am Program Chair for Asian Applied Computing Conference (AACC2004).

I am also working on the following :

  • building lightweight question-answering systems for mobile devices.
  • machine learning of gestures
  • building linguistic resources for languages of Nepal.