My opinion on why KitKat is a major downgrade to the Android OS

The real problem with KitKat's approach to external SD Cards is that it turns your mini-computer/smart phone into a plain old smart phone. Apps can no longer interact with each other and their data to yield a universal computing environment (except when interacting through the all too limited space of the internal storage, or unless they are Google or the phone manufacturer apps). This issue cannot be fixed by any amount of app developer modifications to their apps to fit in with the new SD Card policy. This is a major downgrade to Android; there's still a computer inside there, but Google decided that neither you the phone owner, nor app developers deserve access to it. Now, if you're happy with a plain old smart phone, you're ok. If, however, you wanted a real computing environment in your pocket, you are totally irretrievably scr*wed. Bad move Google.

Samuel L. Braunstein