Teaching & Administration


Undergraduate teaching:

Taught MSc modules:

Open Day Mini-lecture

Courses taught to RAs and PhD students:

Past modules

I was also involved in the HCI Disciplinary Commons. This was a community project organised by Sally Fincher to capture teaching practice (as opposed to educational research) in the form of a portfolio. Here is my portfolio The Ghosts of Departed Qualities - it captures the process of developing the HCI module and my reflections on that process.

Project Supervision

The following link to the project descriptions as proposed, the students who did the projects and what was found (where applicable):

  1. Student projects done in 2008/2009
  2. Student projects done in 2009/2010

Administrative Roles

I am Chair of the Board of Examiners for the department. And I have been programme leader for the MSc in Human-centred Interactive Technologies. I have done some work for marketing the department, particular postgraduate MSc courses

Here are some induction materials for those starting the HCIT and SIIT programmes: