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Research is a solid foundation of a university: it is through our research that we change the subjects that we teach. I am happy to talk to anyone about the topics covered on this page. And I am always interested to recruit PhD students to these areas.

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Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence

This is a great opportunity to do a PhD provided it is related to games in any way, shape or form. I am the Training Officer for the Centre so happy to discuss either what it means to do an IGGI PhD generally or whether I could supervise you doing an IGGI PhD. For the latter, I would be happy to talk to you about any of my research interests below. You can of course find out more at the Centre's webpages

Research Interests:

Experience of playing digital games

We would like our interactive systems to offer fulfilling experiences to people but often they don't. By contrast, games offer compelling experiences to millions of players every day but we know little about what precisely those experiences are and how games provoke them. I am interested in a range of aspects of player experience including immersion, social presence and engagement in games. When we understand what is happening in games, we may be in a better position to understand experiences in other interactive systems.

I would happily discuss projects in any area related to better understanding player experiences or adapting those experiences into new contexts.

Errors in interactions

People make errors and, even with skill and training, occasional errors are unavoidable. However, there are aspects of the design of interactive devices that promote errors. I am interested in using small scale interactions to reveal the errors that people make and how good design can reduce them.

Modelling users

How can we model people using interactive systems in order to inform and improve the design of such systems? I have used algebraic, formal and statistical models to gain insights into the problems people have with interactive devices.

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