External Activities

External examining

I am currently external examiner for:

HCI Disciplinary Commons

I took part in the HCI Disciplinary Commons which was a community project to capture the teaching practice of HCI lecturers. Teaching practice is sorely undervalued in higher education despite being officially a third of our employment commitment and unofficially usually being substantially more than that. I produced a portfolio called The Ghosts of Departed Qualities that is my thoughts and reflections on developing the HCI module when I first arrived at York.

Reviewing and Organising Committees

I have done reviews for various journals and conferences including:

Additionally I have been on the organising committes of the BCS HCI conference (2004-2006), Mathematical User Interfaces workshop (2002-2008), Mathematical Knowledge Management, co-chair in 2006 and Trustee (2006-2008), User Interfaces for Theorem Provers (2005, 2007, 2008).