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In recent decades, computer games and interactive entertainment have become a major branch of the computer industry. In parallel, research in these areas has received increasing attention. The GIDY group at York is focused on the application of a wide range of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to support game play and the development of computer games and interactive entertainment systems. Innovative projects in our group range from interactive story generation and drama to data mining of game traces for commentary generation.

The group consists of dynamic researchers who are passionate about games within and outside of academia.

From left, Maria Arinbjarnar, Heather Barber, Daniel Kudenko, Rania Hodhod.

To get in touch with the group, please contact Dr. Daniel Kudenko.


  • Maria Arinbjarnar, Heather Barber and Daniel Kudenko went to AI and Avatars Workshop, Daniel presented current work of the group and sat on the two panels. There is coverage of the workshop on the AI Game Dev Website
  • Congratulations to Dr. Heather Barber for passing her Ph.D viva with minor corrections.
  • Maria Arinbjarnar, Heather Barber and Daniel Kudenko went to ICIDS 2008.
    Maria Arinbjarnar presented a paper and Heather Barber demoed GADIN and sat on the Little Red Riding Hood Panel - The Authoring Process in Interactive Storytelling
  • Daniel Kudenko will give an invited talk at the workshop "Applying AI to Computer Games & Computer Animation" in London on June 2008.
  • Maria Arinbjarnar and Heather Barber presented papers at INTETAIN 2008.