The following is a list of good practices for proper women:
  1. Seek mentoring and also offer it.

  2. Visuale yourselve with power. Negotiate from a position of strength, and expect respect.

  3. Be open to change.

  4. Construct a personal agenda with a 5-year plan for your goal. Revise it regularly.

  5. Work for change in your organization, in terms of hiring and promotion.

  6. Information is power - acquire it and share it.

  7. Seek advice from other powerful and successful women.

  8. Balance your personal and professional life.

  9. Grab opportunities when they appear.

  10. Don't try to do it all alone. Get help from family, friends, colleagues...

  11. Never accept an answer of "no" without appealing to the next higher level in the organization.

  12. Never allow yourself to be victimized.

  13. Don't stereotype other women.

  14. Don't blame discrimination or bias for your troubles. Instead, try again, and try to do better.

  15. Help get promising young women into the network early.

  16. Work the system, understand your organization's practices and take advantage of them.

  17. Tactfully point out prejudices in the system. Most of them are subconscious, and co-workers may be surprised at the ways in which they discount the suggestions of women.

  18. Be yourself!
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