Department of Computer Science, The University of York

Dr Leandro Soares Indrusiak  
Reader in Real-Time Systems  


My research addresses the problem of allocating application tasks onto multiprocessor and distributed computational resources in such a way that the application's non-functional requirements are met. This is an ever increasing problem, as applications and computing platforms grow more complex. I am particularly interested in two types of non-functional requirements that are critical in embedded computing, and increasingly important in general-purpose computing: timing and energy. I divide the resource allocation problem in three different areas, and I have made contributions to all of them together with my students and collaborators: application load modelling and profiling, estimation of timing and energy dissipation in multiprocessor platforms, and resource allocation algorithms and heuristics.

Dr. Leandro Soares Indrusiak - Department of Computer Science - University of York - Deramore Lane - York - YO10 5GH - United Kingdom