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I have moved to Vrije Universiteit Brussel and am a member of the AI group.

At York I was a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science. I was a member of the Artificial Intelligence Group where I worked mostly on Knowledge-Based Reinforcement Learning i.e. agents that benefit from domain knowledge. My supervisor was Dr. Daniel Kudenko.

Prior to that, I completed with distinction the MSc in Software Engineering course at the Department of Computer Science, University of York. My dissertation was under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Kudenko and involved the design of a reinforcement learning agent for the adversarial version of Tetris.

I completed my undergraduate studies in the Department of Electronic Computing Systems at the TEI of Piraeus, Greece. My final year project involved the design and implementation of a web-based timetabling system for the ECS Department and was supervised by Dr Sotirios K. Leventis.

~ Kirk

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I am a member of the RL and AI groups in the Department of Computer Science, at the Univesity of York.

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Department of Computer Science
Deramore Lane, University of York,
Heslington, York, YO10 5GH, UK.
 : +44 1904 325585
 : ke517<at>york.ac.uk

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