Ongoing Projects
supervised by Dimitar Kazakov

Undergraduate projects


Heather Turner. Evolutionary simulation of inherited kinship-driven altruism  (DLK/1).
Patrick Stephens.  Segmentation of text with genetic algorithms (DLK/3).
Chris Peake. Machine Learning of Motion Control in 3D Virtual Environment  (DLK/6).
Andrew Coates. Speech Driven Character Animation (DLK/7).
Wulf Thannhaeuser.  Modelling the Constraints that Influence Cycle Commuter Choices (DLK/8). External co-supervisor Paul Rosen, Dept. of Sociology.
Jamie Hodkinson. Behavioural cloning of football players (DLK/10).
Mark Legg A ``Using Machine Learning to Analyse Bach's Music'' Box (SHM/1).

Graduate supervision


Mark Bartlett.


Heather Turner (co-supervisor: Susan Stepney) [ email | html ]