Community Things (2003)
Here are some people I have worked with over the past few years (the founders of testing work at York) Here are some current and soon to be PhD students (That's what we do now. DPhil's are no more, alas!): MSc Research Students UG Project students October 2003- March 2004 (all research oriented - for a change)
It's fun and more productive to work with others who can do things I cannot.  I am currently looking at the unification of security and safety concepts and techniques working with Fiona Polack  (software engineering  and general system modelling), Tim Kelly (safety, requirements, architectures) and  Susan Stepney (just about everything). I am part of the EPSRC SEMINAL Network (looking into applications of metaheuristic search for software engineering applications). I am also part of the EPSRC's FORTEST Network (formal methods and testing). 

Previous EPSRC grants:

Some recent collaborative papers:

Pointers to some papers on Security and Cryptography

Security Work Submitted, In Preparation or In Progress (2003)

Here is the work I am directly involved in this year that will hopefully appear in print soon:

My interest lies predominantly in cryptanalysis using metaheuristic search techniques. I have been working at this for some time. The Eurocrypt 2002 paper is the first of this to see publication. There will be more to come. I also have a more general interest in quantum things and hope to push some work in this area with respect to security.

The most interesting work I am doing at the moment is in cluster analysis and self-organising networks with particular application to cryptanalysis. Written in green ink to reflect what most people think of this.

Before any more people ask - we WILL update the protocols review!

Look out for Boyd and Mathuria's new book "Protocols for Key Establishment" (Spinger). In Prep (23.05.2002).

Pointers to some papers on Software Testing

Software Testing has once again become a research focus at York. I have been primarily interested in testing of secure systems and protocols but now I manage the testing group here. We are fortunate in working with a number of Research Associates and Students who make software testing fun. They are responsible for organising our local TestSig and organsised a UK research testing workshop here at York (17-18 September 1998 - see TestSig for details).

Here are some (postscript) papers that have resulted. For latest info on papers (and other formats, e.g. PDF) refer to the TestSig publications page . Papers with Nigel Tracey as primary author:

This all dovetails nicely with Simon Burton's Work on automated test data/case generation. Papers with Simon Burton as primary author Papers with Sun Woo Kim as primary author Collective papers with a significant V&V component: Envisaged further work. More on security and e-commerce. More on testing, particularly formal methods and testing, testing OO languages and higher level testing. Work on reverse engineering (a la Michael Ernst) and falsification. Also quantum computing. It is unlikely that work on testing precision of programs and time-precision tradeoffs will ever get done at all despite being an interest since 1996:-)) Or then again, maybe it might.

Here are some  people working in testing in the UK

Pointers to some papers on PLCs

Other Papers

Quantum Computing and Security

Working in the area of Genetic Programming for Quantum Algorithms with Paul Massey. I am currently thinking about  other aspects of heuristic techniques and quantum artifacts (e.g. use of model checking and evolutionary techniques for the automated design synthesis of quantum protocols).

Formal Methods

Together with Jeremy Jacob I provide advice to UK Govt. on aspects relating to the computer security evaluation of high integrity products to the highest confidence levels (principally ITSEC E6). Progress doesn't just happen in academia - this really is at the leading edge of industrial formal methods.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays

Don't you just love them? You should. See in  FPGAsPart of NonstandardComp