PhD in Software Engineering

I am recruiting PhD candidates in the field of Software Engineering with a focus on automated and model-driven engineering. If you have strong object-oriented design and development skills and you would like to join a world-class research group, please read on.

What is Model-Driven Engineering?

MDE is a cutting-edge approach to Software Engineering that leverages domain-specific models and techniques such as code-generation, model simulation, and model transformation, to boost the productivity of software engineers and the quality of the produced software. MDE is one of the hottest areas in software engineering and is used extensively in industry for the development of large-scale complex software systems.

Who will I be working with?

You will be working with a world-class team of researchers in the field of Model-Driven Engineering. In the last national research assessment (REF 2014), the Department of Computer Science ranked joint 7th with Oxford (among 89 CS departments in the country) for the quality of our research. In 2014, our research group had the largest number of accepted papers in the leading international conference in the field (ACM/IEEE International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering, Languages and Systems). We are currently leading one of the largest model-driven engineering research projects in Europe, as well as the development of one of the most widely-adopted open-source MDE platforms, Epsilon, which is used in organisations and companies such as NASA, BAE Systems, IBM, Thales and Siemens.

Where will I be located?

Our research group is located in the Ron Cooke Hub, a new, purpose-built building in the city of York, one of the most historic, picturesque and safe cities in the United Kingdom. The Hub hosts several world-class research groups and a growing number of startups.

What is the typical duration of a PhD in the group?

The typical duration of a PhD is 3-4 years. Being in a world-leading position in the field of model-driven engineering means that we will be able to help you select a cutting-edge topic for your PhD project so that you can engage in productive and fruitful research from the first year of the programme. In fact, many of our PhD students start publishing novel results from as early as the second year of their project.

What about scholarships?

Please have a look at this page for information regarding available University/Department scholarships/funding. When additional scholarships are available (e.g. from funded research projects in which I am an investigator), I announce them on this page.