I currently (co-)supervise the following PhD candidates and post-doctorate researchers

  • Dr Athanasios (Thanos) Zolotas (Research Associate - SECT-AIR)
  • Sina Madani (PhD candidate - CROSSMINER)
  • Alfa Ryano Yohannis (PhD candidate)
  • Beatriz Sanchez Pina (PhD candidate - CROSSMINER)
  • Dr Simos Gerasimou (Research Associate - DSTL Software Obsolescence Project)
  • Dr Konstantinos Barmpis (Research Associate - CROSSMINER)
  • Horacio Hoyos (EngD candidate, sponsored by Willink Transformations)
  • Rafidah Pakir Mohamad (PhD candidate)

In the past I have (co-)supervised the following PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers

  • Dr Konstantinos Barmpis (EngD candidate, sponsored by The Open Group)
    • Best Qualifying Dissertation Departmental Award (2012)
  • Dr Babajide (Jimi) Ogunyomi (PhD candidate)
  • Dr Nikos Matragkas (Research Associate - OSSMETER)
  • Dr Ran (William) Wei (PhD candidate and Research Associate - MONDO)
  • Saheed Popoola (MRes student)
  • Dr Antonio Garcia-Dominguez (Senior Research Associate - MONDO)
  • James Williams (Research Associate - OSSMETER)
  • Dr Seyyed Shah (Senior Research Associate - MONDO)
  • Dr Septavera Sharvia (Research Associate - COMPASS)
  • Dr Thomas Richardson (Research Associate - COMPASS)