I am an Associate Professor in Human Computer Interaction in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York. I have research interest in inclusive design for people with disabilities and older adults, and I pursue this work in areas of information seeking on the web and in games. I'm currently pursuing a research programme around user uncertainty in interactive systems. I am interested in how people get "stuck" in our interactive systems. In all of my research, I look for opportunities to improve the way we work with users, in particular in how we understand their needs and preferences, and in how evaluate systems

I am an Adjunct Research Professor at Western University in the Department of Computer Science, and I am the Vice President of the AbleGamers Charity.

Information seeking research across diverse users and applications.

Undergraduate and graduate modules as well as curriculum planning.

Come see what my students are doing in their Masters degree and Doctoral work.

Service to my department, my university and the broader community.

Publications relating to accessibility, exploratory search and more.

More than just work, I do a bunch of different things in my spare time.