Matthew Bedder


Pint of Science - 2014 - Speaker Helped give a presentation about the use of zebrafish as a biological model for Parkinson’s Disease

Pint of Science - 2015 - “Tech Me Out” stream organiser Organised and ran three public lectures held in the Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York. These talks included speakers from multiple departments of the University of York, and were well received by the audience.

YorNight (European Researchers Night) - 2015 - Exhibitor Helped run a session highlighting some of the University of York’s research in games. Talked to members of the public about Monte Carlo Tree Search and my research, and gave short demonstrations.


Game Republic Student Showcase 2015 Presented a prototype game to the competition. For more information, please see here. - 2015 - Crew Helped with the setup, running, and teardown of the 2015 conference.

York Doctoral Symposium - 2015 - Various Helped with the organisation of the event, reviewed papers, and organised the AV for the event. I was responsible for the VODs of the event.


Constantine College - 2014-2016 - Computer Science mentor Acted as a mentor for first-year Computer Science students within Constantine College, University of York. This involved having regular meetings with my mentees to check on their progress, give advice on the course, and provide support for any issues they may have had.

Theory and Practice of Programming (TPOP) - 2014-2015 - Teaching assistant Provided teaching assistance during the Spring term. Helped marking work and giving feedback for work on core CS data structures and algorithms.

Crash Course in C (CCCP) - 2015-2016 - Teaching assistant Led the practical programming sessions. Helped students with their work, answered their questions, and provided ad-hoc mini lectures on topics they didn’t fully understand, complete with live-coding examples.

Multi-Agent Interactions and Games - 2015-2016 - Teaching assistant Performed marking of formative work, and helped fix ambiguities in the assessments. I also was responsible for planning and presenting a lecture on Monte Carlo Tree Search. Slides from this can be accessed here.