Matthew Bedder

About me

I’m a Ph.D. student at the University of York, studying within the Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence CDT. I previously completed a Master’s degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence at York, have worked at BAE Systems as a research associate, and have completed a placement doing research in York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis.


As part of my PhD with IGGI I am looking into methods of generating and using abstractions to guide searching using Monte Carlo Tree Search. My primary supervisor is Daniel Kudenko at the University of York, and Simon M. Lucas at the University of Essex is my co-supervisor.

Apart from MCTS, I am interested in Reinforcement Learning, bio-inspired computing, and arguing about programming languages.


In my spare time I enjoy playing videogames, watching films, and hiking. When I have the time I might work on a couple of side projects, usually documented on my personal website