Yellow Reports - Information for Authors

Andy Wellings & Ian Patrick

February 1998

The Yellow Report series is the Department's Internal Technical Report series. The current Editor is Andy Wellings and the Administrator is Ian Patrick. All members of staff who are engaged in technical work (BoS, RAs, RSs, EOs, techs) are encouraged to make use of the Yellow Report series in reporting relevant aspects of their work.

What is the Goal of the Yellow Report Series?

"The Yellow Report series is designed for the purpose of informing friends and colleagues of our experiences and views in a manner which strikes a balance between ad hoc memoranda and formally refereed papers. It is intended that appropriate reports should be revised in the light of comments received, and thereafter offered for publication in the technical literature."

What are the Benefits?

What Makes a Yellow Report?

Many things might make a Yellow Report, and the Editor can provide particular advice, but the following could all be suitable for publication as a Yellow Report:

Who Receives Copies of the Report?

The following receive copies of individual Yellow Reports:

In addition, the authors of Yellow Reports may nominate 10 individuals (prior to printing), or institutions to whom a copy of the Yellow Report should be sent. A copy of the Yellow Report (in compressed postscript) is also placed on the Department's FTP site.

How do I Publish a Yellow Report?

The procedure for publishing a Yellow Report is as follows:

What if I have any Further Questions?

All questions regarding the Yellow Report series should be addressed to the Editor.

Andy Wellings
University of York