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Alistair Edwards

Senior Lecturer

Phone:+44 (0) 1904 325672
Fax: +44 (0) 1904 325599
Office: CSE/240

Where I am

Autumn Term 2014

I am normally in or around my office Monday to Friday, 0930-1800.

I have an intensive teaching week in Week 1, but then things get a bit easier. See below.

Appointments marked with (?) are 'pencilled-in' - i.e. tentative and may change.


21 October 2014

I am giving half a lecture on Ethics in Student Projects. There are notes: PDF , slides: PowerPoint. It's only half a lecture, but I should cover everything you need to know...

13 October 2014

The following students have indicated that they would like to go to the nux meeting on 23 October.

  1. Vivek Warriar
  2. Yuhan Zhou
  3. Jiewen Xie
  4. Yu Xie
  5. Kenny Chelikuzhiyil
  6. Rachel Hanna
  7. Norhafizatul Zainol (if transport available)

I hope to be able to go too. Transport will not be provided (sorry, Norhafizatul), but we could travel together on the train. If you plan to go, please get a ticket yourself; I will not block-book. The tickets are sold out, but the organizer has said that we can still go. (Tickets are useful for the organizers, so they know how many pizzas to order).

23 September 2014

I could not attend the SoniHED conference, so I sent a video. It is now available on YouTube.

25 September 2014

Ooh, I am getting into this video stuff. Now I have posted two on my student's experiments with the Turning Talking Tactile Tablet (T4).

29 September 2014

Slides (PowerPoint) from today's induction session

HCI Group Seminars

Curriculum vitae