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Alistair Edwards

Senior Lecturer

Phone:+44 (0) 1904 325672
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Office: CSE/240

Where I am

Appointments marked with (?) are 'pencilled-in' - i.e. tentative and may change.

Spring Term 2016

Week 4

I am back and expect to be working as normal from now on (i.e. Monday to Thursday).

Week 3

I have been unwell. I was not in the department on Monday or Tuesday. I taught on Wednesday and will be present for the ADVT class, 11.30-13.30 on Thursday. At other times expect me to be recuperating - but reading emails - at home.

Weeks 2 to 6

11 January to 11 February

Again, I am meant to be working 3 days per week but because of teaching commitments, I will be in Monday to Thursday.

Weeks 7 to 10

I expect to be in Monday to Wednesday.

SKIL Tutorials

It also means that I will have to move my SKIL tutorials. These will take place as follows.

Week number Date Day Time Replaces Location Task
3 18 January
28 January
12.30 10.30 Friday, Week 2 CSE/204 Formative 3: A five-minute presentation on the same classic paper chosen for your Assessment 1 essay.
6 8 February Monday 12.30 Friday, Week 5 CSE/240 Review Formative 4, a blog post.
10* 8 March Tuesday 12.30 Friday, Week 10 CSE/240 Feedback and discussion of the ethics blog post from Summative 2.

* I realize that this means students have no free time for lunch that day. Sorry, but that was unavoidable.


19 & 26 November

I gave a presentation on How to give presentations for research students on 19 November (CSE/102-3). This is preparation for their literature review seminars – and every other talk they may give.

Slides (PowerPoint) and handouts (PDF) are available. So is I-Spy at the Conference (PDF).

13 October

I gave a lecture on Ethics in student projects, as part of the PCSW module. Slides (PowerPoint) are available.

HCI Group Seminars

Curriculum vitae