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Richard C. Whiteley.
The Customer Driven Company.
Business Books. 1988

Companies today must put their customers first – all the time

Customer satisfaction is now recognized as a core function of successful business, but it is not always easy to translate an abstract commitment to the concept into sustained, company-wide action. The Customer Driven Company shows how to do just that. It provides executives and managers in companies of all sizes with a proven, step-by-step programme for implementing, measuring and rewarding the product and service excellence that leads to true customer loyalty.

Interviews with over 350 top executives worldwide revealed seven main imperatives for gaining real customer loyalty and lasting competitive advantage. Their experiences and insights, together with the author’s highly practical advice, will enable any manager to establish a customer-driven environment within their entire organization. The seven imperatives for a customer-driven company:

Create a customer-keeping vision
Saturate your company with the voice of the customer
Study the great customer-driven companies
Liberate your customer champions
Smash the barriers to customer-winning performance
Measure, measure, measure
Walk the talk