Short works

Books : reviews

Didier Bert, Jonathan P. Bowen, Steve King, Marina Walden, eds.
ZB 2003: Formal Specification and Development in Z and B: Third International Conference of B and Z Users, Turku, Finland.
Springer. 2003

(read but not reviewed)


Daniel Jackson. Alloy: A Logical Modelling Language. 2003
(abstract, invited talk)
Susan Stepney, Fiona Polack, Ian Toyn. An Outline pattern language for Z: five illustrations and two tables. 2003
full paper
Susan Stepney, Fiona Polack, Ian Toyn. Patterns to guide practical refactoring: example targetting promotion in Z. 2003
full paper
Sandrine Blazy, Frederic Gervais, Regine Laleau. Reuse of specification patterns with the B method. 2003
Helen Treharne, Steve Schneider, Marchia Bramble. Composing specifications using communication. 2003
Frederic Peschanski, David Julien. When concurrent control meets functional requirements, or Z + Petri-nets. 2003
Guilhem Pouzancre. How to design a modern car with a formal B method?. 2003
Stefan Hallerstede. Parallel hardware design in B. 2003
Moshe Deutsch, Martin C. Henson, Steve Reeves. Operation refinement and monotonicity in the schema calculus. 2003
John Derrick, Heike Wehrheim. Using coupled simulations in non-atomic refinement. 2003
Moshe Deutsch, Martin C. Henson. An Analysis of forward simulation data refinement. 2003
Jean-Raymond Abrial. B#: Toward a Synthesis between Z and B. 2003
(invited talk)
Steve Dunne. Introducing backward refinement into B. 2003
Bill Stoddart, Frank Zeyda. Expression transformers in B-GSL. 2003
Annabelle McIver, Carroll Morgan, Thai Son Hoang. Probabilistic termination in B. 2003
Thai Son Hoang, Zhendong Jin, Ken Robinson, Annabelle McIver, Carroll Morgan. Probabilistic invariants for probabilistic machines. 2003
Graeme Smith, Kirsten Winter. Proving temporal properties of Z specifications using abstraction. 2003
Kirsten Winter, Graeme Smith. Compositional verification for Object-Z. 2003
John Derrick. Timed CSP and Object-Z. 2003
Mark Utting, Shaochun Wang. Object orientation without extending Z. 2003
Nuno Amalio, Fiona Polack. Comparison of formalisation approaches of UML class constructs in Z and object-Z. 2003
(invited talk)
Bertrand Meyer. Towards practical proofs of class correctness. 2003
Robert M. Hierons, Mark Harman, Harbhajan Singh. Automatically generating information from a Z specification to support the classification tree method. 2003
Christophe Darlot, Jacques Julliand, Olga Kouchnarenko. Refinement preserves PLTL properties. 2003
Marc Frappier, Regine Laleau. Proving ordering properties for information systems. 2003
Mark Utting, Ian Toyn, Jing Sun, Andrew Martin, Jin Song Dong, Nicholas Daley, David Currie. ZML: XML support for standard Z. 2003
Jean-Raymond Abrial, Dominique Cansell, Dominique Mery. Formal derivation of spanning tree algorithms. 2003
Carla Ferreira, Michael J. Butler. Using B refinement to analyse compensating business processes. 2003
Christine Poerschke, David E. Lightfoot, John L. Nealon. A Formal specification in B of a medical decision support system. 2003
Lilian Burdy, Antoine Requet. Extending B with control flow breaks. 2003
Nazareno Aguirre, Juan C. Bicarregui, Theo Dimitrakos, Thomas S. E. Maibaum. Towards dynamic population management of abstract machines in the B method. 2003