Books : reviews

Andrew Oram, Greg Wilson, eds.
Beautiful Code: leading programmers explain how they think.
O'Reilly. 2007


Brian W. Kernighan. A regular expression matcher. 2007
Karl Fogel. Subversion's delta editor: interface as ontology. 2007
Jon Bentley. The most beautiful code I never wrote. 2007
Tim Bray. Finding things. 2007
Elliotte Rusty Harold. Correct, beautiful, fast (in that order): lessons from designing XML verifiers. 2007
Michael Feathers. Framework for integrated test: beauty through fragility. 2007
Alberto Savoia. Beautiful tests. 2007
Charles Petzold. On-the-fly code generation for image processing. 2007
Douglas Crockford. Top down operator precedence. 2007
Henry S. Warren Jr. The quest for an accelerated population count. 2007
Ashish Gulhati. Secure communication: the technology of freedom. 2007
Lincoln D. Stein. Growing beautiful code in BioPerl. 2007
Jim Kent. The design of the gene sorter. 2007
Jack Dongarra, Piotr Luszczek. How elegant code evolves with hardware: the case of Gaussian Elimination. 2007
Adam Kolawa. The long-term benefits of beautiful design. 2007
Greg Kroah-Hartman. The Linux kernel driver model: the benfits of working together. 2007
Diomidis Spinellis. Another level of indirection. 2007
Andrew Kuchling. Python's dictionary implementation: being all things to all people. 2007
Travis E. Oliphant. Multidimensional iterators in Numpy. 2007
Ronald Mak. A highly reliable enterprise system for NASA's Mars Rover mission. 2007
Rogerio Atem de Carvalho, Rafael Monnerat. ERPS: designing for maximum adaptability. 2007
Bryan Cantrill. A spoonful of sewage. 2007
Jeffrey (2) Dean, Sanjay Ghemawat. Distributed programming with MapReduce. 2007
Simon L. Peyton Jones. Beautiful concurrency. 2007
R. Kent Dybvig. Syntactic abstraction: the syntax-case expander. 2007
William R. Otte, Douglas C. Schmidt. Labor-saving architecture: an object-oriented framework for networked software. 2007
Andrew Patzer. Integrating business partners the restful way. 2007
Andreas Zeller. Beautiful debugging. 2007
Yukihiro Matsumoto. Treating code as an essay. 2007
Arun Mehta. When a button is all that connects you to the world. 2007
T. V. Raman. Emacspeak: the complete audio desktop. 2007
Laura Wingerd, Christopher Seiwald. Code in motion. 2007
Brian Hayes. Writing code for "The Book". 2007