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Dennis Wheeler, Gareth Shaw, Stewart Barr.
Statistical Techniques in Geographical Analysis: 3rd edn.
David Fulton. 2004

Applying statistical techniques to geographical data collection and analysis can be a difficult and challenging process, especially for students who have not studied formal mathematics to a high level.

Assuming no more knowledge than basic GCSE maths, this book provides a gentle introduction to statistical analysis and to building confidence using a wide range of methods and applying them in either one or both of the leading software statistical packages, SPSS and MlNlTAB.

• Provides a significant number of practical examples that ensure understanding and promote further development
• Covers the four key areas: univariate, bivariate, multivariate and spatial techniques
• Includes a CD that offers students the chance to practise their application of each method in either Minitab or SPSS