Short works

Books : reviews

Helen Treharne, Steve King, Martin C. Henson, Steve Schneider, eds.
ZB 2005: Formal Specification and Development in Z and B: Fourth International Conference of B and Z Users, Guildford, UK.
Springer. 2005

(read but not reviewed)


Cliff B. Jones. Specification before Satisfaction: the case for research into obtaining the right specification. 2005
(invited talk, extended abstract)
Michael Leuschel, Edd Turner. Visualising larger state spaces in ProB. 2005
John Derrick, Heike Wehrheim. Non-atomic refinement in Z and CSP. 2005
Steve Dunne, Stacey Conroy. Process refinement in B. 2005
Petra Malik, Mark Utting. CZT: a framework for Z tools. 2005
Graeme Smith, Luke Wildman. Model checking Z specifications using SAL. 2005
Ian Toyn, Andy Galloway. Proving properties of Stateflow models using ISO Standard Z and CADiZ. 2005
J. Christian Attiogbe. A stepwise development of the Peterson's mutual exclusion algorithm using B Abstract Systems. 2005
Pontus Bostrom, Marina Walden. An extension of Event B for developing Grid systems. 2005
Carroll Morgan, Thai Son Hoang, Jean-Raymond Abrial. The challenge of probabilistic Event B. 2005
(invited talk, extended abstract)
Jemima Rossmorris, Susan Stepney. Requirements as conjectures: intuitive DVD menu navigation. 2005
Frank Zeyda, Bill Stoddart, Steve Dunne. A Prospective-Value semantics for the GSL. 2005
Richard Banach, Simon Fraser. Retrenchment and the B-toolkit. 2005
Jean-Raymond Abrial, Dominique Cansell, Dominique Mery. Refinement and reachability in Event B. 2005
Soon-Kyeong Kim, David Carrington. A rigorous foundation for pattern-based design models. 2005
Nuno Amalio, Fiona Polack, Susan Stepney. An object-oriented structuring for Z based on Views. 2005
Yann Zimmermann, Diana Toma. Component reuse in B using ACL2. 2005
Didier Bert, Marie-Laure Potet, Nicolas Stouls. GeneSyst: a tool to reason about behavioral aspects of B Event specifications: aplication to security properties. 2005
Benjamin W. Long. Formal verification of a type flaw attack on a security protocol using Object-Z. 2005
Frederic Badeau, Arnaud Amelot. Using B as a high level programming language in an industrial project: Roissy VAL. 2005
(invited talk)
Thai Son Hoang, Zhendong Jin, Ken Robinson, Annabelle McIver, Carroll Morgan. Development via refinement in Probabilistic B -- foundation and case study. 2005
Eerke A. Boiten, John Derrick. Formal program development with approximations. 2005
Lindsay Groves. Practical data refinement for the Z schema calculus. 2005
Ingo Bruckner, Heike Wehrheim. Slicing Object-Z specifications for verification. 2005
Fabrice Bouquet, Frederic Dadeau, Julien Groslambert. Checking JML specifications with B Machines. 2005
Judy Bowen, Steve Reeves. Including design guidelines in the formal specification of interfaces in Z. 2005
Abdolbaghi Rezazadeh, Michael J. Butler. Some guidelines for formal development of web-based applications in the B-Method. 2005