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Bruce D. Shriver, Peter Wegner, eds.
Research Directions in Object-Oriented Programming.
MIT Press. 1987

(read but not reviewed)


Peter Wegner, Bruce D. Shriver. Introduction to "Research Directions in OOP". 1987
Bent Bruun Kristensen, Ole Lehrmann Madsen, Birger Moller-Pedersen, Kristen Nygaard. The BETA Programming Language. 1987
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Kenneth Kahn, Eric Tribble, Mark Miller, Daniel Bobrow. Vulcan: Logical Concurrent Objects. 1987
Ole Lehrmann Madsen. Block-Structure and Object-Oriented Languages. 1987
Daniel Bobrow, David Fogelsong, Mark Miller. Definition Groups: Making Sources into First-Class Objects. 1987
Brent T. Hailpern, Van Nguyen. A Model for Object-Based Inheritance. 1987
Alan Snyder. Inheritance and the Development of Encapsulated Software Systems. 1987
Steven Reiss. An Object-Oriented Framework for Conceptual Programming. 1987
Harold Ossher. A Mechanism for Specifying the Structure of Large, Layered Systems. 1987
Reid Smith, Paul Bart, Robert Young. A Substrate for Object-Oriented Interface Design. 1987
David Beech. Groundwork for an Object Database Model. 1987
David Maier, Jacob Stein. Development and Implementation of an Object-Oriented DBMS. 1987
Andrea Skarra, Stanley Zdonik. Type Evolution in an Object-Oriented Database. 1987
Joseph A. Goguen, Jose Meseguer. Unifying Functional, Object-Oriented and Relational Programming with Logical Semantics. 1987
[ abstract data type | rewrite rules / Church-Rosser | object | object-oriented ]
Peter Wegner. The Object-Oriented Classification Paradigm. 1987
[ algebra | calculus | class | inheritance: super/subclass, self | object | object-based | object-oriented | semantics: denotational, operational | specification | type: polymorphic, strong ]
Ole-Johan Dahl. Object-Oriented Specifications. 1987