Short works

Books : reviews

Annabelle McIver, Carroll Morgan, eds.
Programming Methodology.
Springer. 2003

The chapters are collected into three parts: • Models and correctness • Programming techniques • Applications and automated theories


Cliff B. Jones. Wanted: a compositional approach to concurrency. 2003
Ralph-Johan Back, Joakim von Wright. Enforcing behaviour with contracts. 2003
Ernie Cohen. Asynchronous progress. 2003
Jayadev Misra. A reduction theorem for concurrent object-oriented programs. 2003
Manfred Broy. Abstractions from time. 2003
Ian J. Hayes. A predicative semantics for real-time refinement. 2003
Michael Jackson. Aspects of system description. 2003
Peter Henderson. Modelling architectures for dynamic systems. 2003
Dines Bjorner. "What is a method?" -- an essay on some aspects of domain engineering. 2003
Manfred Broy. Object-oriented programming and software development -- a critical assessment. 2003
C. A. R. Hoare, He Jifeng. A trace model for pointers and objects. 2003
Daniel Jackson. Object models as heap invariants. 2003
K. Rustan M. Leino, Greg Nelson. Abstraction dependencies. 2003
Benjamin C. Pierce. Type systems. 2003
John C. Reynolds. What do types mean? -- from intrinsic to extrinsic semantics. 2003
Natarajan Shankar. Automated verification using deduction, exploration, and abstraction. 2003
Pamela Zave. An experiment in feature engineering. 2003
Eric C. R. Hehner, Theodore S. Norvell, Richard F. Paige. High-level circuit design. 2003
Suresh Chari, Charanjit S. Jutla, Josyula R. Rao, Pankaj Rohatgi. Power analysis: attacks and countermeasures. 2003
A probabilistic approach to information hiding. 2003