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Books : reviews

Jonathan P. Bowen, Steve Dunne, Andy Galloway, Steve King, eds.
ZB 2000: Formal Specification and Development in Z and B: First International Conference of B and Z Users, York.
Springer. 2000

(read but not reviewed)


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Graeme Smith. Recursive Schema Definitions in Object­Z. 2000
Ian Toyn, Samuel H. Valentine, David A. Duffy. On Mutually Recursive Free Types in Z. 2000
David A. Duffy, Ian Toyn. Reasoning Inductively about Z Specifications via Unification. 2000
Ken Robinson. Reconciling Axomatic and Model­based Specifications Using the B Method. 2000
Theo Dimitrakos, Juan C. Bicarregui, Brian Matthews, Thomas S. E. Maibaum. Compositional structuring in the B Method: A Logical Viewpoint of the Static Context. 2000
Pierre Bontron, Marie-Laure Potet. Automatic Construction of Validated B components from Structured Developments. 2000
Dominique Cansell, Dominique Mery. Playing with abstraction and refinement for managing features interactions. 2000
Mark d'Inverno, Koen Hindriks, Michael Luck. A Formal Architecture for the 3APL Agent Programming Language. 2000
Helen Treharne, Steve Schneider. How to drive a B Machine. 2000
Nestor Lopez, Marianne Simonot, Veronique Viguie Donzeau-Gouge. Deriving Software Specifications from Event Based Models. 2000
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Samuel H. Valentine, Ian Toyn, Susan Stepney, Steve King. Type­constrained Generics for Z. 2000
full paper
Ian Toyn, Samuel H. Valentine, Susan Stepney, Steve King. Typechecking Z. 2000
full paper
Ralph Miarka, Eerke A. Boiten, John Derrick. Guards, Preconditions and Refinement in Z. 2000
Richard Banach, Michael Poppleton. Retrenchment, Refinement and Simulation. 2000
Michael J. Butler, Mairead Meagher. Performing Algorithmic Refinement before Data Refinement in B. 2000
Martin C. Henson, Steve Reeves. Program Development and Specification Refinement in the Schema Calculus. 2000
Jean-Louis Lanet. Are Smart Cards the Ideal Domain for Applying Formal Methods?. 2000
Susan Stepney, David Cooper. Formal Methods for Industrial Products. 2000
full paper
Bill Stoddart. An Execution Architecture for GSL. 2000
Wolfgang Grieskamp. A Computation Model for Z Based on Concurrent Constraint Resolution. 2000
Rob D. Arthan. Analysis of Compiled Code: A Prototype Formal Model. 2000
David Cooper, Susan Stepney. Segregation with Communication. 2000
full paper
David A. Duffy, Juergen Giesl. Closure Induction in a Z-like Language. 2000
Chris Matthews, Paul A. Swatman. Fuzzy Concepts and Formal Methods: A Fuzzy Logic Toolkit for Z. 2000